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Meet Fred Stein:  Fred is a CPA and Enrolled Agent with several decades of experience in Accounting and Tax. Although he came to it later in life, Fred has embraced his bicoastiality. When he's not costuming his cat for Tik Tok videos, he keeps busy with his blogs “Avoca-Don’t” and “I’m Achin’ for Some Bacon”. Fred has been the fearless leader of the BQ team since 2007.

Meet Tioni Kala Croote: Tioni is responsible for creating a wild and sassy “Tiny Person” slated to rule the world in the foreseeable future. When she isn’t fielding questions about the meaning of life and why tigers have stripes, Tioni can be found in the kitchen playing with her food or playing farmer in the backyard.

Here at BQ, Tioni manages daily operations and assumes the role of whatever expert of the day Fred says she is. She is an Enrolled Agent with a Bachelor's in Business Administration.

Meet Misty Green:  Misty is a former disgruntled waitress and retired roller derby player. After the epiphany that waiting tables did not suit her disposition she decided to go back to school and graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s in Financial Services and an associates in Accounting from SUNY Cobleskill. She is currently managing the payroll department here at BQ. 

Misty no longer plays roller derby, but when she’s not happily booty blocking those payroll penalties for her clients, she is attending to her hobbies. She is a crazy cat lady with 3 kitty kids and an avid knitter with a yarn stash that borders on hoarding. Don’t judge… 

Meet Amber Joslin: Once the fearless gatekeeper of the BQ Empire, Amber is now captain of daily operations and sales tax. When not calculating how much people owe, she can be found in the wilds of the Adirondack Park, crafting cabins out of lumber with her own bare hands. Amber enjoys her coffee with vanilla cream (hint, hint) and planning her next beach vacation. 

Meet Ellie Nava-Jones: Ellie is the pseudonym of a philosophical investigator on the run. While on the lam, she earned a MA in English and a Masters in Library Science in order to enhance her investigatory skills. She is an Enrolled Agent, one of America’s Tax Experts ©, and loves to work with clients on taxes as well as arguing with tax agencies for them. She writes terribly witty but generic YA novels for fun.

Meet Kathy Morgan: Ms. Morgan to her friends, is an intergalactic traveler, winning the hearts of space aliens as she tours the world of 26USC. She has won both her EA certificate and the ability to practice in the US Tax Court through her marvelous feats of intelligence, awe inspiring encyclopedic knowledge, and dazzling test taking abilities. In her spare time, she likes to hang out in old phone boxes with odd men and knit really long scarves.

Meet Tiffany Davis. Tiffany’s background was in banking before she got her BBA in Accounting from Georgia State University. She loves taxes, but sadly has to split her time between tax prep, being a mom to 4 crazy kids, and finishing up her last Enrolled Agent exam. She only has one nonnegotiable term.....She has to have a distraction while she's working out (mainly cooking shows or reality tv).

Alfieri grew up locally in a small fishbowl with a population of one. He soon grew bored and decided to expand his horizons. He went back to school where he excelled at sports and became Captain of the swim team. He graduated with a B.S. in Human Resources and made the Dean’s List two years in a row. Alfieri (or AlFURY as he is commonly known due to his tendency flare at his food) came to BQ in the height of the 2018 tax season after answering an advertisement for the Bigger Fishbowl position. Rather than flee in fear he put on his big boy fins and was a trooper. He has since become in invaluable member of the team, greeting each client as they come in and guarding the office at night from wanton burglars.

Christina Ryan loves to dig in the dirt - whether it be the rich soil of her flower beds or the US tax code. An Enrolled Agent who started out as a manager in a greenhouse nursery, Christina is the proud mom of 2 Diva Girls. When not using her magic in her garden or on taxes, she likes to travel and to grow her knowledge of the expansive tax universe.

A proud mother of 3 human babies and 2 furbabies, Chrissi Green, the self proclaimed spiritual tree-hugger, is our Jack of all trades, Master of Science in Accounting. She enjoys reality tv shows and yoga. When not stretching her body in asana forms, she is nimbly navigating the complex tax code and weaving together beautiful sets of books for businesses. Chrissi is a CPA candidate which means that she just needs to buckle down and get that exam done.

When not masquerading as a CPA, Richard can be found slaying hydras and participating in the gladiatorial games. Richard has been a CPA for six years with an MS in Accounting and is the proud father of three kids. Outside of dragon hunting and tax wrangling, Richard can be found in his backyard, firing up his BGE (which is code for really awesome BBQ).

Kathleen is a rebel with a cause. Armed with her BS in Accounting and a fierce love of the St Louis Cardinals, she has been defending taxpayers since time immemorial. She is married to a Cubs fan (he rebels in his own way), is a proud mother, a cat herder and a crochet aficionado. When not helping taxpayers, she dreams of moving to Maine and setting up a yarn shop.

Johnny joined our team in January 2020 and is our Citrus Heights in house admin staff/tax preparer. Before joining our team, he worked with Whisler Bookkeeping & Tax Service since 2017. He has been working in the accounting field for the past three years. His is licensed with the CTEC (California Tax Education Council) after passing the Exam in 2017 with the state of California. Johnny's background is in the arts as a ballet dancer with The Sacramento Ballet for over ten years. He held a role in the Nutcracker performance from 1999-2016. Johnny's passion for the arts drives him to shoot for the stars. He believes in hard work, self-discipline, integrity and perseverance. Most of all Johnny is looking forward to working with you to achieve your tax return goals. When Johnny's not helping you with your deductions and credits, he enjoys watching Fantasy and Science Fiction entertainment, and grabbing dinner with friends (On hold till after the pandemic).

After 7 years of working in education molding the minds of future world leaders as a High School teacher and improving the homes of many families with his interior design projects, Diego moved to the U.S. from beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico. He enjoys laying on the beach, good food, and spending time with his doggies and his amazing husband. When he is not wine tasting or bike riding by the river, Diego can be found greeting our clients at the front desk of our Citrus Heights office.